Thats funny, now they get more spam with their new ISP than with you.



Pete Davis. wrote:
I had a client who was a real spam magnet with 4 accounts. They emailed me to cancel recently. I turned off filtering on their email account and forwarded it to their new DSL email account. Normally I just delete the email unless they ask to have it forwarded, or ask to keep the account open for a while, or whatever.


David E. Smith wrote:

Scott Reed wrote:

In business for almost exactly a year and lost the first 2
customers today. One is a friend that has moved out of our area. I know
how I will nandle his account.  The other is a to a competitor.  How do
you handle the email account? Do I just disable the account login, remove
it from the server, or something else?

At my workplace we usually delete on sight. By the time a customer calls
to cancel, they're almost always completely set up with their new ISP. At
that point, it's not even a question of "being nice" to them, as they
shouldn't need any services from you any longer.

"Nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure."

David Smith

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