Hmm, wonder what happens if ya just send SBC a bill for network
services, "End User Termination Points" for a qty of 200 or so at $5
each ?    Think they pay it ? :) 

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I read this on /.  I think its a load of  bs. Wont last long and it will
point out just how much of a monopoly they have become (again). Maybe
the FCC/DOJ will step in and break them up again? Now who gets to set
these fees? I wonder if i can charge $10/bit that his customers use of
mine =-)


Tony Weasler wrote:

>--- MarketWatch Quote ---
>"How do you think they're going to get to customers? Through a 
>broadband pipe. Cable companies have them. We have them," said Ed 
>Whitacre in a BusinessWeek Online interview. "What they would like to 
>do is use my pipes for free. I ain't going to let them do that."
>He argued that because SBC and others have invested to build high-speed

>networks, they are due a return. [1] --/ MarketWatch Quote ---
>  It's a brave new world.  I'm hoping that this is a clueless person 
>talking about a business he is in charge of but knows little about.  I 
>fear that this is someone who has a feasible plan to accomplish what he

>describes.  I don't think that a telephone-model overlay on the 
>Internet will satisfy many consumers, but if they don't have an 
>alternative what are their options?
>  Hopefully, this will drive business to the WISPs, but I'm not sure 
>that the consumers are well enough educated to make an informed 
>decision and in many larger markets the LECs have driven us out of the 
>picture by providing service for less than their cost.
> - Tony
>9%2DA65C%2DC7317BC7E1CB%7D Original interview from Business Week 
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