Martin Stewart is a member of this list.  I just verified that.  Obviously, he has no desire to defend himself publicly.  I will allow him to make a statement, if he does not do so in the next 24 hours, I will block his access to the WISPA list.




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Subject: Re: [WISPA] Anyone (or everyone) else getting spam from AdZilla?


This one does not say it came from this list, but it came at the same time from the same source.
> I would like to have a discussion with your organization concerning a potential partnership with our company. We’re very interested in the Indiana market to expand the deployment of our technology with a broadband distribution partner.  We’re not selling anything but rather have a revenue sharing proposition.
> Who would you suggest I speak with, if not yourself, at NewWays?
> Thanks,
> Martin Stewart
> Regional Account Director - Network Group
> Adzilla New Media
> Direct: 604.628.4369

Scott Reed
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From: John Scrivner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Subject: Re: [WISPA] Anyone (or everyone) else getting spam from AdZilla?

> Could someone please send me a copy of this message along with the email
> address or any other contact information for the sender? So far I have
> only seen people complaining about this and I have no way to help you
> guys unless I see who this is and how to contact them.
> Thank you,
> Scriv
> Pete Davis. wrote:
> > I just got an email that was apparently based on my posting to wispa
> > list.
> >
> >    Hello Pete,
> >
> >    I noticed one of your recent postings on WISPA list and thought that I
> >    would introduce myself to you and find out if you have some time to
> >    learn
> >    how our services help ISPs increasing the Average Revenue earned per
> >    End-User.
> >    blah blah blah
> >
> >
> >
> > What the heck is this?? Is anyone else out there "partnering" with
> > these spammers? I replied and told them that we don't do business with
> > those who contact me unsolicited, and unless they come HIGHLY
> > recommended by another ISP, I won't be contacting them.
> >
> > According to their website, they help kill viruses and spyware by
> > delivering "filtered" ads. Can anyone tell me if these guys are legit.
> > The whole thing seems goofy to me. Am I missing something?
> >
> > Pete Davis
> >
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