Well, as one of the list members who received the spam, with this apology in hand, I'd give him a second chance....

But I don't run the list, so I guess it is up to you, Rick.

Rick Harnish wrote:

The following is a copy of a reply that Martin tried to send to the list this morning after I removed him.


WISPA members,

I sent an e-mail off-list to seven WISPA members.  My intention was to find the person at each of these companies who is responsible for business development partnerships.  We are not selling a service.  We have a solution that gives the ISP part of the money that advertiser pay to web publishers for placing more relevant ads for the ISP’s end users.

We have partnerships with national wholesale Internet providers and regional ISPs.  The seven WISPs that I contacted through WISPA were the first Wireless based ISPs that I have spoken with to date.

I apologize for causing such a commotion with your list.  We offer a way for an ISP to increase the revenue earned per end user and I thought that this would be welcomed news to your members if they chose to respond to my e-mail.

I will discontinue using e-mail to contact your members.


Martin Stewart
Adzilla New Media


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