Thought this'd be of interest to some. Some follow-up on LARTC suggests that monitoring/graphing might be included in later releases.

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From: Ron Senykoff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Nov 4, 2005 10:15 AM
Subject: [LARTC] Open Source Project "Q*Box" Launched
To: LARTC <>

Hello all.

I created a "plug and play" kind of solution for bridge-based QoS
LAN-WAN traffic shaping. Based on the LEAF bering-uClibc branch, I'm
calling it 'QBox' and the project site for now is located at:

I'm interested in any feedback you might have. This is based off of
experience I have over the last couple years maintaining custom QoS
builds shaping video, citrix, and VoIP all at one site (plus regular
internet etc). The current build takes about 2.5 MB on CF and I should
have that paired down further before long.

Havn't had the chance to do any stress testing yet, but the
manufacturer of the board claims that you can get 50Mbps routed
through it. Once I add Layer 7 filtering I doubt we'll be able to
sustain that though.

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