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The elecric company doesn't care what you do with their electricity...
The gas company doesn't care what you do with their gas...
The water company doesn't care what you do with your water...

Why should the ISP care what you do with your connection, as long as it doesn't affect their network? Asinine initiatives like IMS and the desire for the telcos/cellcos to have complete control over what their users do or don't do will cause them to lose customers like crazy. They don't even understand what kind of a detriment that crap will be to their service levels.

More information? Pick up the latest Wired and see how the combination of Apple/cellcos/manufacturers/Hollywood managed to produce such an inferior product as the Motorola ROKR phone. I hope our moronic telcos continue to offer these lame-brained ideas up.

Matt Larsen

When they sell so many of them, they will continue to make items like these.
The same with protected CDs and DVDs.
I'm not sure the sheople will ever wake up.


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