if you have the skill to install and program it, no benefit - from my experience. about all that happens is if you are silly enough to mention a competitor, they'll immediately go to sell to them.. Middle men as just as aggressive and have no sense of loyalty, so I applaud Trango going direct. Anything a reseller can do I can do myself. That isn't the case for many newcomers - so they should look to resellers to help get their business going. However, they should never think they have a 'relationship' with the reseller other than buying stuff at as high a price as the reseller can get from them. I feel badly for resellers. Remember the old Apple in and out of direct, resellers, wholesalers, etc.. its the same with WiFi.. Moto keeps their prices high by 'controlling' the product sales - I'm hoping Trango and others kick the market into a more competitive gear.

just my 2 cents.

George wrote:

Yeah but, you maybe don't remember when the argument was the other way. Trango was screwing us by jacking the prices so they could offer VAR's an oportunity to sell us gear.

The only Trango I use at this point is 900 and I sure wish it was cheaper. And hopefully buying direct will get the price down.

After all, what benefit did we get having to buy from a middleman?


JohnnyO wrote:

Yeah - Trango decided to once again cut the throats of the people who
have worked so hard to build their sales in the US. They have decided to
let customers go direct with them and cut the hard working salespeople /
vendors outta the picture...... I suppose they think they'll increase
their profits this way - But when it's all said and done - they will
learn a very harsh lesson about loyalty.


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Anyone know the story on Trango partners? First, DoubleRadius cut the prices on all their inventory. Now, I noticed Trango doesn't list any domestic partners on their site anymore.


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