Nice!  But, $299?!?  Just a little higher price that we want when we
plan to install quite a few of them.....


Blair Davis
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G.Villarini wrote:

I got you one!, get an ip based webcam like this one:

thay have a dry contact switch controllable trough the web page

Gino A. Villarini, Aeronet Wireless Broadband Corp.
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Well, I guess there is no reasonably priced unit out there that will do what I need and fit in the space allowed.

The comments on the list have shown me that there may be a demand for a unit like this. I have decided to build my own. I have also decided to make it available to others who might need it.

As part of this process, I am posting the planned specs and I am asking for additional ideas for features.



10baseT ethernet port for communication.
1-4 pair of RJ-45 pass thru jacks with lines 4 and 5 switched.
Each pass thru jack pair is independently switched
Relay(s) rated for up to 48VDC at 3A
Power available monitor for switched jack(s)
Unit powered via 5-12VDC


Setup and controlled via web browser or telnet
Static IP with subnet and gateway
Programmable ping monitor for each relay
Selectable 'keep alive'  /  'I am here' ping
Adjustable power off delay
Adjustable power off time

Several things I am undecided about adding are:

Email notification of ping failure
Email notification of power available status change
Programmable, repeatable by time and date switching
(this requires a real time clock and/or automatic synchronization with a time server and might increase the costs)

One thing I will not add:

Switching 110/220AC. This would add many requirements for testing and considerable legal liability.

The price should be under $100 each.





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