You need guys every 30 feet. Add a nine foot top and ten to twelve feet of heavy walled mast to mount your omni to. Leave the backhaul dishes on the tower proper.

Matt Larsen - Lists wrote:

Hello all,

I'm getting ready to put up my first tower (finally found a place where there weren't any existing towers available) and would like to get some comments from others about whether I am doing the right things.

My goal is to mount a 2' PacWireless 5Ghz dish, a 3' PacWireless 5Ghz dish and 13db PacWireless H-pol Omni antenna at the 80 foot level.

The tower site used to have a very large radio tower on it, so the base and guy points are all still in place. The base has a single pin in the center, and the guy anchors are 90' out at 120 degree intervals.

My intention is to put up a Rohn 45 equivalent tower - 8 sections and a 5' base section for a total of 85' of tower; two sets of guy points - one at 40' and another at 80'. The antennas will mount right above the guy wires.

Here are some of the questions that I have:

1) Should I use a flat base or an angled base (single pin) There is already a pin in place from the old tower, but I don't know whether it makes sense to use it or just put a flat base with new anchors in.

2) Does it make sense to put a hinged base at the bottom, assemble the tower and raise it with a winch -- or should I use a gin pole to put it together?

3) I have not ordered my tower pieces yet. New costs look to be about $3200 for 8 10' sections, base, 2 guy brackets, 1000' of guy wire, guy wire ground kit and 6 turnbuckles. Am I missing anything on this list? Does anyone have this sort of thing laying around that they would like to sell? I'm just looking for some recommendations as to whether this is the right price range.

Thanks for your assistance guys!

Matt Larsen
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