The nighthawk units are NICE units, and can easily be justified cost wise for MTU unattended sites, but their are still two deficiencies.

1) They are MANUAL reboot devices. I can't automate the process to detect failure and auto-reboot easilly.

Well actually I could partially, if I tried hard enough, but an auto-ping, that actually tests THROUGH the CPE operating on the CPE side is a better method. The purpose is not only to prevent truck rolls, but optimally to reduce phone tech support resources as well, not to mention repair time. Auto-ping can get the detection/repair time down to 1 minute, often hiding from the customer that a down time insodent ever occurred in the first place.

2) Nighthawks need to be pre-programed for the user's area (I think zip code, but much narrower than area code) before it ships, and it can not be changed after the fact. My network covers MANY zip codes in the three states I serve. That means stocking an awful lot of reboot devices that you may never need, or ordering them individually which could mean a seperate trip might be needed to install the reboot device, in order to not delay scheduled installtions.

If I could stock 10 or so, and change the usage area of the device myself on the fly, well it would strongly increase its value as a product.

$185, is justifyable for Unattended MTU building closets that serve multiple clients, or really far away sites, but its still a little high for wide scale usage for every CPE location.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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Marlon and all,

I just wanted to pass on the below E-mail that we received regarding the
Nighthawk NH100, and special limited time pricing. This may be a good time for
you to spend less on Margaritas and a little on the remote reboot;0

I don't often get to add much value to this list, but hopefully I can this time.

Best Regards,


Sent: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 10:08:46 EST

Nighthawk Systems, Inc is offering a pilot program with the CEO 700 and CEO
700H's. Customers will receive a minimum of 10 units to use for a pilot
program not to exceed 45 days. After 30 - 45 days the customer(s) can decide
to purchase the units or send them back to Nighthawk Systems, Inc. In most
cases we can ship units within 7 days.

We are also offering the NH100's at $185/unit for those customers that take
delivery prior to December 31st. Our normal price on the NH100's is $225 -
$325. NH100's are great applications for rebooting servers and routers in any
data or telecom room along with rebooting SCADA systems.

The EA1 which is used for alerting Volunteer Fire Houses and Fire Fighters is
also being discounted.

Check out all of our products @:

Best regards,

Jeff Bell

Vice President

Nighthawk Systems, Inc.

8200 East Pacific Place

Ste 204

Denver, CO 80231


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It's not ip based (which is good when your system is down :-). This is pager

When we get some extra funds this is the kind of gear we'll put in.

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