I need to make a 2.3 km link from a data center to a tower. Can anyone recommend Free Space Optics for this job?

The Lightpointe Strata sounds like it might work with a claimed range of 5 km, but I wonder how overblown this marketing pitch is:

The FlightStrata 100 XA (Extended Availability) is a breakthrough in outdoor wireless point-to-point solutions. Based on LightPointe's patented DualPathT architecture, the FlightStrata 100 XA blends a high bandwidth optical link and an unlicensed radio frequency (RF) backup with intelligent seamless switching to provide Fast Ethernet throughput and 99.999% uptime in all weather conditions at distances up to 5 km

99.999% uptime in heavy fog? How far? Certainly not 2.3 km .. ?

Otherwise, why can't I find any 24 GHz equipment that does more than 200 Mbps?

This article (http://infoworld.com/article/03/06/16/HNhispeed_1.html) says that Dragonwave was dreaming up a Gbps radio back in '03 .. where is it?

Also, any links to info on leasing 18, 23, and 26 GHz on a link-by-link basis?

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