I know they show how much cheaper they are, but I installed an ANWireless self supporting 100' tower for a less than $10K.  No engineer stamp and I found a used tower, but even new would have been less than $10K.

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> Just talked to a guy (435-695-2000) about the 90' towers. He asked "self-standing or guyed?" so I said both. Well, the self-standing aren't available yet - still under design - so he couldn't actually give me a price on that. All their towers come in "18-20' increments" at $1000 per section. And I guess he means 18', as 5 of those make 90'.
> Add in erection at $5k, delivery at $2.5k, and engineering stamp at $2k (from the 82m tower .. lights shouldn't be necessary here) and you get your tower up for about $15k.
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