Sort of.  I hired a local contractor to dig the hole, plumb the base and bottom 10' section and lead the concrete pour.  I dug the trenches (with a trencher) for the powe and data and put the pipes in the ground.  I helped with the concrete pour.  I bought the tower used and the previous owner had it disassembled into 20' sections.  I rented a 24' flatbed truck and picked it up.  Had a friend with a skid loader unload the sections in order.  My wife and I bolted the sections together.  I hired a crane to lift the 90' on top and hired a climber.  He and I bolted the top on the base.  The climber undid the crane cable.  Crane was onsite about 60 to 90 minutes.

The folks at ANWireless are great.  Every question I had was answered, sometimes in minutes, but always within a day.  They shipped any parts I needed, etc.

Scott Reed
Wireless Networking
Network Design, Installation and Administration

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> Thanks for the pointer to ANWireless - they look nice, and the price is great. Did you do the install yourself?

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