Check out the newer 15 dbi grid from Pac - it's the same grid as the 2.4 
parabolic, but with a 900 mhz horn.

It ROCKS in comparison to many other antennas, and I've used 'em all.

I'm usin this particular one with Canopy - 12 miles out and -74 through thick 
trees on the CPE end.   7 jitter!


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PacWireless makes a 900Mhz 18 dbi Parabolic grid antenna.
M2 makes a 900Mhz 17.5 dbi Yagi antenna.

We had found that 900 was very particular to placement, even a few inches in 
one direction or the other can make big differences in
link quality.  Has anyone used both antenna types for a specific link, to 
compare the properties of each of the designs. The thought
is whether the wider surface area of the parabolic antenna would make it better 
to survive signal obstruction from swaying trees in
forests.  The prabolic is a monster at 3 ft dia, s othe Yagi would clearly be a 
better choice for a roof top chimney install based
on cosmetics.  But wondering from a performance perspective the comparison.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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