We started off with Yahoo Groups. We have just about outgrown it. Its kind of a PITA I am considering ACT for Web, or something like that. The problem I see is that the ideal solution needs to be accessable from any browser, show multiple calenders, and integrate a contact manager.


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How do ya'll do it? I used to remember everything, but I am forgetting things lately. Maybe it's old age (i did just turn 22) or maybe the work volume has increased past my memory's capacity. Either way I need a solution. Do I go with a program on the laptop? Or some kind of handheld device. I don't currently own a handheld, and would be willing to purchase. What seems to be most efficient for you all?


Yahoo Calendar. It will also sync up with Outlook so you can share the calendar. We are sharing our calendar with all employees and our primary installers. Not the cleanest, but it works well.

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