To All,

Tues. 11/15, we had a sever thunder strom move thru SoMich, Wed. 11/16, 
was a mild day, I checked the NOC at 5:00 AM, after the storm and all 
was well, AP's and Bridges.  All on line, I had an appointment, 75 
miles away, got back at 3:00 PM.  One of the AP's, sB APPO, on the 
tower had crashed, I cycled the power and its back on line.

Wed. 11/16 night, very windy to 50 MPH, snow and dropped to 22*F.  This 
morning 4 sB ABT's have died.  I have looked at 2, both are accessable 
via simpleMonitor, appear to be OK, however.

I cannot ping thru them, no access to NOC, I can ping the radios 
easly.  They show, both 80% RSSI, only 1.75 and .35 miles from tower.  
I replaced one with a Tranzeo TR-CPE80-15, now all is well with that 

Now I must go the the other 3, replace one w/ another TR-CPE80-15, 
maybe a third.  If the 4th has the same problem then that will get a TR-
200-15, its 4 miles out.

What are you all using to replace sB devices, beside Tranzeo???, I have 
7 Tranzeos left.  They have worked well so far.  

Any suggestions??  Any thing is appreciated.  What do you think 

Ron Wallace
Hahnron, Inc.
220 S. Jackson St.
Addison, MI 49220

Phone:  (517) 547-8410
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