Welcome back, V, I can't believe its been that long.

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>Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 11:56:13 -0600
>From: "Victoria" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  
>Subject: [WISPA] I am back -- this time with a vengeance! LOL ;-)  
>To: "'WISPA General List'" <wireless@wispa.org>
>Hello WISPA;
>It has been about 1.5 years since I have been on this list.  
>I am back -- this time with a vengeance! LOL ;-)
>In commemoration of this date I would like to send out a special 
thanks to
>Marlon Schafer and sing this to him....
>~~~ What can I do to make you love me?  
>What do I do when lightning strikes me?
>What do I do to be heard?
>Can't you ping my damn thing?
>Why would you ping than give me a ring?
>Just once can we figure out what we keep doing wrong?  
>Why the good times never last so long?
>Can we make this magic last for ever?
>No, because you forgot to weather proof my connection.
>Is this is your work? A reflection of how you feel for me,
>A genderbender and you think you are out of here?
>I gave you my mounting arm, you say what? 
>I am a FOX and cannot handle that much hardware. 
>Give me some Velcro, bailing wire that is striped naked and bare.
>Just once I would like to figure why we could not last forever.  
>I scan you, you change your SSId.
>I change my polarity.
>Movies, dinner, a little amplifier, it will light your fire.
>You know I would never associate with another, but she was wide open 
>duel spectrum.  
>Made my heart jump and 2 ms pings @ 5.9 Gbps...oh my.
>As always, I distract myself.  I just love to ping myself.
>Mr. Schafer, because you are opinionated and I am a loud ex-Marine, I 
>be opinioned as well.  
>I would like to thank you for your opinions over the last five years 
>making sure I heard them.  LOL, do you know it is that long?  I 
>SunStream...hahaha Riccochet, Karlnet, oh and much more.
>HOWEVER, in 2000, you told me to wear a dress. 
>Ask Mac to wear a Scottish kilt and if Stuart will do it too, I will 
>Although Stuart is infamous for wearing boxers in hallways, so he 
could be
>I am fortunate to be one of your first "students" turned loose on the 
>I think you were still trying to make "black magic DSL" (?) work.  You 
>to admit, once you look back on it, it was funny.  
>You raised me up so I could stand on mountains, so I can walk on stormy
>seas, you raised me up on bailing wire and duck tape, oh and Velcro and
>WD-40 (no, not all that was you, some was Jack Unger). This you cannot
>escape, you taught me how to avoid the big mistakes, or just knock 
them out
>of my way.
>Mr. Marlon Schafer, thanks for getting me here.  
>I look forward to seeing the bends of the roads that we cross in the 
>As well as I soon hope to become a member of WISPA.  
>However for the time being, I am backing up my backhaul, doing my
>QuickBooks, and editing in my FrontPage, etc.
>~~Thank you for being a friend.  
>Your heart is true; you're a pal and a confidant.  
>My hat is off, why do you not stand up and take a bow~~
>I want to thank you!
>My warmest regards,
>Victoria Proffer
>StLBroaDBand, LLC
>John, thanks for letting me rant ;-)
>I will behave, or I will put 5 watt amps on my radios and come looking 
>you.... :-) LOL.  
>Can't guarantee the RAMs, but a good cheeseburger or some hot wings and
>......when you are ready, I am St. Louis BroadBand ;-)
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