Please don't take this as a personal attack, and like you, I too have some
issues w/ Bullit, but in this matter, I am in 100% agreement with Tom

By now, I believe that the entire industry (WISPs, Vendors, everyone) is
aware of what Part-15 stands for and the latest WISPCON attests that the
"silent majority" has voted with its feet

That said, we need to move beyond our personal egos; if we are to show &
prove to the world that license-exempt WISPs have evolved from the world of
duct-tape, bailing wire and pringles can antennas to building professional
carrier-class networks that are competitive with the incumbents, we need to
act like professionals and take the "higher road" 

Case in point, last week, Jim Patient (Mac couldn't make it unfortunately)
gave a presentation to a standing ovation keynote address to a packed room
of over 250 government officials in North Carolina about WISPA/Mac
Dearman/License-Exempt Wireless Internet's impact on Hurrican Katrina Relief

Now, imagine how it looks when these government officials come check out, and see in the PUBLIC LIST ARCHIVES that we're bickering over
Bullit this, my network is bigger than your network that, yada yada yada....


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