I got the same one email. I also get hit with cold calls for people wanting to fix my radios. I don't know if they are the same company, or a different scam. The call center making the calls doesn't seem to know much, but they REALLY want you to send them broken radios.

Them: Do you have any broken out of warranty Tranzeo (or transio) radios?
Me: No. I don't use Tranzeo
Them: We fix all major brands. What kind of wireless CPE do you use?
Me: Waverider. Do you fix Waverider?
Them: Let me check...... yeah, we fix them.
Me: How much.
Them: uh... does $275 sound right?
Me: Have you ever fixed one? We can buy new ones for about $250 in quantity.
Them: Oh yeah... we fix them all the time How many do you have?
Me: About 25
Them: Well if you send them in, we will send back half of the ones we fix for no charge.
Me: What do you do with the ones you can't fix?
Them: We keep them for spare parts.
Me: I see. Does your lab have a CCU to test signal level sensitivity with?
Them: Oh yeah, we have all kinds of meters and osciloscopes, and stuff.
Me: Do you know what a CCU is?
Them: uh... let me check..... hold on
(long pause)
Them: did we give you the address to send the equipment to?
Me: What equipment?
Them: the Wave equipment.
Me: Should I send the EUM's, the SPK's, or the GLD's. Can you fix all of those models? (I made up the last two)
Them: Oh yeah. We fix all of those.
Me: I will let you know.

Someone posted recently on how their CPE serial numbers that they sent in for repair showed up on ebay. I am not sure these "repair shops" spammers aren't fronts for ebay shops, but if they do a lot of "fix and send back half" work, they could have a lot of excess refirb equipment legitimately. I am just leary of anyone who "can fix anything" but doesn't know what it is.
Pete Davis

Reliable Internet, LLC wrote:

Do all you guys get this crap from them about once a week? I have asked several times to be removed from their spam list. Did they harvest this list or p-15?

Today I responded asking about how they fix these "Transio" they talk about. LOL! Stupid spammers can't even spell what they fix. :) I hate spam.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:        we fix transio, trango, motorola, alvarion equipment
Date:   Tue, 22 Nov 2005 16:38:21 -0500 (EST)

                       Jan Weinberg

My name is Jan and I am with ezlinx.net.  We sell refurbished
equipment-if you are interested most of our inventory can be viewed at
store.ezlinx.net. our phone is 1-866-439-5469.  Please ask for Jan

Also, we fix any broken or dead units that you may have
around-particularly alvarion, transio, trango, motorola.  We do not charge
you a dollar fee-you ship us your equipment, we fix as much as we can and
then ship you back one half of all that we repair.  In other words, the
only cost to you is the shipping.

We also sell refurbished equipment and purchase any working or non working
units you may have around.

Looking forward to doing business with you.

Please feel free to contact me at 1-866-439-5469.  If I am not in please
ask for Jack.

Jan Weinberg

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