Happy Thanksgiving, Scriv.  

I always thought you were thoughtful and politically correct ;-).  I'm 
just glad to know someone else sticks their foot in it once in a 

I often engage my mouth before my brain, too often.

Ron Wallace

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>Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 23:41:52 -0600
>From: John Scrivner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  
>Subject: Re: [WISPA] Trouble in Hyperlink land?  
>To: WISPA General List <wireless@wispa.org>
>I am not trying to start any vendor problems here. I was simply 
>my personal experience. Maybe someone there just did not like my 
>purchasing guy. I don't know. I do know that I have never been 
>"blacklisted" by anyone else in my 40 years on earth. I guess since 
>was our first buying experience and we were looking for a way to 
>the product they assumed we were a bunch of deadbeats. I really do not 
>know. I would not have even responded to this thread had I not had a 
>similar experience to the person who was complaining on the DSL 
>I am sure that Hyperlink has many happy customers or they would have 
>gone out of business long ago. I get the impression that someone at 
>company has the task of minimizing returns and is being over-zealous. 
>Whatever the case, I probably should have just kept my mouth shut. I 
>have no further dealings with them but wish them all the best. It 
>like some of you have a good relationship and I do not wish to harm 
>Travis Johnson wrote:
>> I have been purchasing from Hyperlink for over 6 years. At one time, 
>> we were buying $50,000 per year in equipment from them. I have never 
>> had a problem, and in fact just placed an order with them today.
>> Travis
>> Microserv
>> Reliable Internet, LLC wrote:
>>> Great feedback John.  I always wonder about these other people 
>>> on dsl reports), but I know you're honest and I believe you.  I 
>>> ordered from them 3 or 4 times and all went well, but I also never 
>>> got that warm fuzzy felling from them.  I will stay away forever 
>>> Brian
>>> John Scrivner wrote:
>>>> We ordered some antennas that did not work out for us from 
>>>> Hyperlink. We asked if we could pay a restocking fee and return 
>>>> them. They were very evasive, just as outlined in the DSL Reports 
>>>> remarks. They eventually said they would allow a return but only 
>>>> credit for future purchases. They also said after asking to do the 
>>>> return at the same time as a new order to use the credit that we 
>>>> were now blacklisted by them which means we can never buy from 
>>>> again. This was our first and only experience with Hypelrink. I 
>>>> believe this makes them the worst vendor I have ever seen in my 
>>>> life. (Except for the RBOCs of course!) Buyer beware.
>>>> Scriv
>>>> Jory Privett wrote:
>>>>> I ordered some parts from them last week.  The arrived on time 
>>>>> just what I ordered.
>>>>> Jory Privett
>>>>> WCCS
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>>>>> FYI
>>>>> Anyone else getting screwed around by them?  If their being 
>>>>> maybe
>>>>> they need to be avoided.
>>>>> Brian
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