Note on Gillwares website about their one exception to a no-charge for data

Broken Warranty Seals
If the warranty seals are broken, we cannot offer the no recovery no fee
deal. Because previously-serviced drives without intact warranty seals
usually require significantly more time for us to diagnose and repair, we
require a $150 upfront surcharge for servicing these drives. This surcharge
is non-refundable.

In addition, the base fee for servicing a drive without intact warranty
seals is an extra $500 for a total of $1028.99 for Windows based drives when
we're successful. If the platters have been visibly damaged during your
attempt you should save your money and not send it. If it was a
multi-platter drive and you attempted to remove the platters you should save
your money and not send it.

Frank Muto
FSM Marketing Group, Inc
Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy - WBIA

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> I have the adapter on the way.  I will plug it into my desktop once and
> run a software recover utility once to see what happens.  After this, I
> will send it off to a cleanroom.  If a drive needs cleanroom work...
> says to send it to

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