I see vendors often given a hard time on email lists and think we need to show a little appreciation when one of them gets things right. Here is one example of a vendor doing the right thing. We recently bought some CommScope Outdoor Cat 5 from JohnnyO. He buys it in bulk and we bought in with him on some. When our wireless technician used some out in the field he was upset to find it did not have colored stripes on the white strands. This made for a difficult job in terminating the cable. He reported this to our staff. I have had experience with CommScope in the past in the CATV industry and I knew they were responsive to customer concerns. I asked our buyer to email CommScope about the problem. The message to CommScope was sent on November 16th. Today they have not only changed the cable production process to having colored stripes on the white strands but have already started shipping the upgraded cable. If this is not proof that CommScope cares about their customers concerns then I do not know what is. I am copying them on this message. Way to go CommScope. You have shown me again that CommScope is a top shelf supplier of cable.
Kindest regards,
John Scrivner
(Disclaimer: I do not sell CommScope cable and am in no way affiliated with their company)

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The catalog numbers will be the same...........Just insist that the product
you receive is the one 'with' the stripes and let your source know that you
know that some product may exist without stripes and that you do not want

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Thank you very much. I had much experience with your products in my 10
years in the CATV business and told my staff you guys were very
accommodating to your customers. I do not believe they thought you would
react so quickly. I had a feeling you would. Is there some way we can
look for a product ID number which indicates the color striped wires are
included? We cannot use the solid white wire and need to know we are
getting the cable with the stripes.
Many thanks,
John Scroivner
Mt. Vernon. Net, Inc.


Mr. lewis,

We have placed the stripes back into our products.

Technical Services
Uniprise Solutions by CommScope
3642 US Highway 70 East
Claremont, NC  28610
866 484-6277

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