my email was stuck.. its a few days late, but perhaps this will help...

Buy a USB 300 GB drive.. USB 2 is fast and reliable. We've had good luck with Seagate drives. Might cost you $250 - run an overnight backup, or just link it in and back items up you need.

Also, most replacement drive makers provide you with an image upgrade utility. I've done with with my notebook. Get an upgraded drive, install that in a USB 2 case Here's one for $10 We've used it.. Put your new drive in the case, image copy the drive over to the USB mini drive. Swap the drives, and you have your old drive and data in a $10 case.

Here's the drive I used for an upgrade.
$140 100GB

Since then I use minimum 2 systems - completely identical OS and tools. I move critical bits among 3 systems, with one off-site.

My only advice on external USB drives is to ''bolt' them down as much as possible. I had one fail because it was torn off the desk and flew into the ground a few feet away - a foot caught a cable..

The external 2.5 inch drive is the coolest items. no external powersupply. easy to pack along..

Wish you the best in the recovery process. I'll bet it never happens to you again.

Joe Fiero wrote:


If the data is of importance to you, DO NOTHING!  Do not attempt any
additional boots.  You have head damage, and each RPM is causing "pitting"
on the platter surface, literally taking bits of your data with it.  Send it
only to a lab wit a clean room and one with credentials.  Be prepared to
spend a minimum of $500 and possibly as much as $2000, depending on the
damage, and the amount of data you wish to recover.  If it is more than a
few Gb, you will also have to send them another hard drive to put it on.

I hope you have better luck than I did.  I decided that I was as good as the
experts and before sending mine to I even tried putting the platters into a
good working identical drive I had ling around.  It was a fatal error and I
lost over 2 years work (for experts, we sure screw the pooch often, don't we
;)  I was provided with the above advice by the lab I sent mine to after I
was told the data was unrecoverable due to excessive surface damage.

Good luck.


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