I know this is parochial, but WHAT SHOW, WHERE, WHEN?  Is it G4 TV?  
I've never heard of it.  So I'm igornant.

Ron Wallace

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>Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 12:03:42 EST
>Subject: [WISPA] G4 TV's Call For Help  
>   This is a great show but today Leo made an error and I think
>   someone from WISPA should contact them and tell them about
>   WISP's.
>   There was a caller today from Canada who was moving to where
>   there was no DSL or Cable, and asked about Satellite ISP.  Leo
>   talked about that and then mentioned new options WiMax and
>   BPL.  At no time did he mention WISP.  I did email Amanda [his
>   assistant] and the show about WISP and gave them the
> address, but also thought one of our leaders
>   could contact them and update them on what we are.
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