You can lease such a detailed list from Harte-Hanks.
It will cost about $2 per lead, but it will be detailed.

You can get lists of new businesses from your Secretary of State's office.

Property lists are public record. Some are online; some you have to go to the Appraisor's office.

Great article in one of the newletters I get about marketing:


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Dylan Oliver wrote:


Just wondering how you all approach marketing. At the moment I'm interested in obtaining a list of addresses of all businesses within say a 150-mile radius of Spring Green, WI. What I really want is a list of every entity leasing T1s or greater! Somehow I doubt that this information will be easy to come by. I'm willing to work at this, and am happy to rip apart / cobble together sundry databases. I heard that one could obtain property tax records from the IRS, but haven't found anything on this most promising claim.


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