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Anyone out there have experience with PPPoE?. I have a client who is a local government entity. They have people who have abused their Internet connection in the past. They restrict who has Internet access and when it can be used. One of our techs unknowingly circumvented protocol by helping an employee learn how to connect his personal laptop to the hardwired Ethernet network. Now the government entity is highly peeved at me. They want a complete report on the incident and a plan for how I will prevent people from doing this in the future at all locations. I am thinking we can use PPPoE to force all users even on the hardwired network to authenticate in order to get on the Internet. What are your thoughts? What will this break on an internal network that may be doing other things? Could an internal Windows network still function normally while the computer is not authenticated for Internet access? I have never done PPPoE and need a little guidance from those of you who have.
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A little more info would be good. If they want to authenticate everyone, then 802.1x switches are available-if you don't authenticate, your port turns off. If they just want to limit Internet access, Websense or St. Bernard make products to do that.


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