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When I first started I used a YDI BCU and still have 2 of them and a Brilan BCU. It authenticates via MAC addy and when I tell you it will absolutely shut down a non paying sub - - believe me it will!

The trouble with this is that you will require one of these devices on each segment of the network. If you bridge your entire network (NOT a good idea), you can use just one. They do work well, however. Even better than these (my opinion) would be a Mikrotik router configured as a hotspot using MAC authentication. Using the Mikrotik, you could put one on every segment to handle the routing as well as hotspot on each segment. Instead of MAC auth, you can do PPPoE to the MT at each segment and this would bypass the hotspot. Just some ideas. I already mentioned how to get around the need for a client on the computer.

I "may" have some subs that have a marginal signal and PPPoE demands a crystal clear and glimmering network connection to avoid trouble for a sub to sign on from what I have gathered over the years.

This is only partly true. Of course, PPPoE will PREFER a connection without dropped packets, but it will function with as high as 5-10% with some clients.

Butche is the PPPoE/MT king - - he can chime in here and straighten

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