Dude - -  Tyhats great that there are 313 list members!!

Are the rules negotiable? :-)

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Rick Harnish wrote:

Just a tidbit of information about this list. We now have 313 active members reading this list. We hope you find it interesting, informative and relatively free from excessive belittling remarks, spam and other worthless clutter. We encourage all to read and follow the rules of this list.
Rules are as follows:

1) Always be civil and professional.
2) No rude comments.
3) No cussing.
4) No personal attacks or complaining on the list.
5) No selling or self promotion allowed.
6) Commercial advertisements of any kind require prior board approval.
7) Issues regarding operation of the list or problems with list members are to be directed to [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.

The board is currently debating a fee schedule for commercial announcements on this list. Input is welcome. As of right now, we feel that since this list is open to all for free, that advertising will be allowed for a fee. The private WISP list which is open to WISPA paid members will maintain a no advertising policy. This private list includes discussion that is private to paid members and one of the privileges of this list will be spam or advertising free. This debate is ongoing and a direction will be made next week. Please feel free to discuss your views over the weekend on this matter.


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