Thanks for the tip.... We have sent him a flyer and will follow up. He is far enough out that an outdoor antenna will be needed....

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

That would be Blair Davis.

Brian Webster wrote:

I just received this email from a guy looking for service in this area. He is located in the Southwest corner of Allegan county Michigan. I didn't know of anyone off the top of my head so here it is. I replied to him and said I
would send his request to the lists. Contact him direct.

Thank You,
Brian Webster <>

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I live in a rural area in Michigan and have a question about wireless. I
am trying to determine if there is anyone in my area that has a tower
close enough for me to receive wireless internet. I do not know where to
begin. I found one company in our area but they are not close enough and
they use antenna equipment ( I do have Alltel cell phones
and they do work most of the time(occasional dropped calls)-which may be
rectified with a booster. With your resources could you please give me a direction to go to find a tower/service provider in my area? My address is
1190 62nd Fennville, MI 49408. Thank you.

Bob Buckius

Blair Davis

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