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And that is the second thing that guys do wrong. They use simple bridged clients which are vulnerable to the issue of the backwards router and they create a host of other issues.


I will give you an AMEN (again) for touting the many benefits of a properly designed network. I am right there with ya. I hope it "takes" for some folks here.

I am usually silent and just watch the lists, but when I see wrong advice given I cannot watch in silence. It is wrong to not use DHCP and it is wrong to use a bridged design. If you have intentions of

For the most part, I would agree with this. DHCP is good idea. PPPoE is better (IMHO). Both offer the benefits of easy renumbering. PPPoE offers authentication as a "bonus". Hotspot will do the same thing and (perhaps) even better authentication if properly implemented. As for being "wrong" to not use DHCP...well, that is a matter of design. I will agree with the idea that a bridged network is a very poor design choice...but you all knew that about me anyway. ;-)

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