Actually, VZ is just hitting management:

Late Monday the company said it plans to freeze its guaranteed pension plan for 50,000 of its managers, a move that could save the telecommunications giant $3 billion during the next decade. The company said it would expand its own contributions to managers' 401(k) retirement savings plans and noted employees would retain benefits they have already earned, but not accrue any additional benefits.

MCI killed all pensions under BK. So working for VZ means 401k and lots of disgruntled employees who will blame loss of revenue NOT on bonehead Tele-Baron management policies but on competitors for eating their lunch. That means more DSL slamming; more delays in repairs and installs. CLECs and ISPs will feel the brunt, since the Tele-Barons have done an excellent job of manipulating the CWA leadership. (Anyone remember the commercial with the wife of the SBC employee who was going to lose his job over UNE-P???)


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Mac Dearman wrote:

Yeah - I read that somewhere the other day! It is due to all that 6Mbps internet they sell for $15.00 hehehehehe

Did they think they could spend 40 million a year and only bring in 22million and last forever?

            Lassez les bons temps rouler!!!

( for the non Louisianians - "let the good times roll")

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