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I agree to a point with both of you (Nunweiler & Marlon)- - you know I am different - - kinda like rocky roads ice cream, just sweeter :-)

I don't like DHCP for the client as its just too easy and requires no interaction with the client - EVER! I also dont like the fact that you get all the info you need to successfully connect to the internet "automatically" when you point "any" WiFi compatible device at one of my towers. I might as well give you the keys to my lock box in the bank :-) I think I will leave the DHCP off, make a trip to your house and assign your IP statically as well as your DNS. I dont ever foresee changing my DNS servers addys, but if I do then its just a matter of making DNS resolve to whatever I want it to. Its all in DNS baby :-)

On the other hand - - If you do DHCP and someone plugs their router in backwards you are screwed! There are no "ifs" "ands" or "buts" - - all you are lacking is the tattoo! If any portion of your network is set to receive a DHCP number - - it will do just that - - it dont care where it comes from - - it just wants a number and whoever/whatever answers the DHCP request - - its got a number that fits the niche even though it will totally disable the persons internet connection.

I aint for sure if I made it to the other hand yet or not so I shall continue till I run out of Margaritas (new recipe) or chicken.(ancient Chinese secret) Doing a static routed network is for the birds!! I am not calling any names, but I have personally witnessed several "mighty fine" wireless Gurus sit at the base of a tower and hack away 5 pages (front and back) (hours!) of legal paper with static routes on them to add a new Access point!! If you get 1 static route upstream wrong (read - - one number) then you aint done JACK! Static routes is not the answer either. Static routing is just like bridging - - it will get you by a while, but you will surely move on to the real answer - -OSPF

I have tried doing the static routing and I will tell you its like pulling my own teeth with out any anesthetics. It is not an answer, but a short term thing that could definitely last longer than bridging - - its a fact. If a man wants to do something that will put him a long time in the future before having to do anything different - - I mean in excess of several thousand clients I suggest this:

1. Do not do DHCP - -assign static IPs

Does anyone know what DHCP *RESERVATIONS* are for? You don't get an address unless you are assigned an address based on client MAC address

2. implement OSPF and route your backbone

Good stuff maynard...

3. Bridge from the AP to the client - (get real, why would you need to route to the client? where else can the traffic go if the backbone is routed and its a one way street?)

4. Do MAC with IP authentication via radius - or - PPPoE (either one is a real solution) each have their strengths and weaknesses

5. OSPF!!!!! (redundancy - YES!)
6. A really good "MikroTik Man" on the payroll and RB532's!!!! I do have suggestions and a name for this man!! call me! 7. DO NOT BUILD A TOTALLY BRIDGED NETWORK - - unless you plan to stay a really small fish (minnow) in a really big Ocean! I can attest what a mistake a bridged network can/will be! I can also attest to how easy it is to build, how FINE it runs and how fast that sucker will crumble down to the ground as you are standing at a keyboard trying all you know how to - - to no avail!! I can attest that you will learn a lot of stuff the hard way, how close you will learn such tools as Ethereal and angry ip, how much time you (& in my case - my wife) will spend hunting a single vicious virus on a tremendous network because it affects a bridged network like the "walking" Pneumonia affects you and I - - its effects move around on the network!! Ohhhh - - I can tell you some horror stories alright, but better than calling me - - call my wife!

Alright - - I now am stepping off my soap box and the floor is open! hehehehehe ( I am not opinionated)

Margaritas anyone?

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