I have to agree that they are a good outfit. Been dealing with them for years.... Trouble free!!

Ron Wallace wrote:

To All,

I would like to relate an experience to you all. I have had some bad experiences with the original smartbridges equipment that I purchased from Electro-Comm, I have had some failures and RMA'd them all back to Electro-Comm.

Today I received a credit memo from them, they are replacing them all. No questions asked. Additionally, there was a mix-up on a Trango order, I ordered a 900AP but received a 5830AP, didn't even notice for 2 months when i was ready to install. So I'm self-absorbed and didn't look at the label, just put it on the shelf. Electro-Comm overnighted a 900AP and gave me an RMA for the 5830. I forgot about sending the unit back for 2 months.

They have always taken my word for my senior moments, and now I have another credit for the difference.

They have been great to me, and I'm so small, only have 45 users now. So they are having a show in February, I haven't been to any industry meetings or shows yet but I'm going to support them on this one. They have supported me in everything I've done with them.

Way To Go Electro-Comm, and I'm not even on their payroll.
Well that's enough.

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