Many of us from far away have watched the debacle in New Oleans with a
morbid fascination.   Many find themselves frustrated with the corruption,
incompetence, and dirty politics that have marked the aftermath of both
hurricanes to pass through the area this summer.

Thus, many people find themselves with a wish that it never happened...  or,
that it never happen again, even if it means erasing even the vestiges of NO
and starting over.    Even if your viewpoint doesn't match the one described
above, certainly I'm sure you can relate to the wishful thinking about
erasing the whole event.

Still, for those of you who stuck around, or went back, and are now actively
engaged in rebuilding, renewing, restoring or replacing what was...  That
attitude may be more than a little discouraging.

As for me... courage, man.   My prayers and wishes are with ya, keep up the
good fight.


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> Nuke New Orleans? I dont get it.
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