Thank you Rick. I know you are not one to ever bring out the flames and figured this was something you would gladly take back. I am genuinely sorry I asked for the apology publicly. I swear it was an accident. I try to make these moves for "list peace" without offending anyone or causing a defensive reaction and I am very sorry. Thanks for taking the higher road here and not further heating the flames.
Kindest regards to all,

Rick Smith wrote:

John / WISPA... Wow, did I not even take into consideration the feelings of 
others in a bad situation when I wrote a couple
one-handed comments.

I'm sorry for my piss-poor attitude from a couple of bad days in a row bleeding 
over into my public statements here...

I meant the first statement to be taken as a figure of speechc but the second 
was completely uncalled for, and for making it and
offending the list I'm sorry.


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