Hiya Mark,

I'll not tell you what I think of the bind you are being put in.... Just another reason to steer clear of companies that require license keys.

As to what you should do. It won't be fun but it should be possible. Start building another network over the top of this existing one. WiFI based, proprietary, 2.4 or 5 gig, whatever fits the business model. Put all of the new people or repair situations on that new system.

3 or 4 years from now you should have most of the old stuff gone. I had to finally turn off my last 802.11 ap and that blew off 4 or 5 customers that were not running b radios. All but one of them upgraded to the newer faster gear. They weren't all happy about it but I did point out that they'd gotten over 4 years out of a chunk of computer gear! That kinda mollifies them.

Naturally you'll have to be very careful with your site planning to avoid as much self inflicted interference as you can.

That help?
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Hello to the list...

My name is Mark Nash and I own & operate a little WISP of about 300 customers in Oregon.

For CPE, I started out using Breezecom 2.4GHz FH radios then switched to Karlnet RSU's loaded w/Turbocell. Then the YDI/Terabeam/Proxim series of mergers & acquisitions happened and I've got products from all companies but they are all Turbocell CPE.

We have 6 WiPops surrounding our customer base (rural southern Willamette Valley). We're using Trango backhauls...I started out using them simply because of their low cost and advertised bandwidth. I still have two in use from when the company was called Sunstream (I think it was 2002). I remain happy about that decision.

We started out with a bridged network then ARP changed my tune and we went to a routed design.

OK, so...there it is. For those of you who know what's going on with Turbocell from the new Proxim, you probably know that I'm not happy as they have set out to discontinue the Turbocell client software. So I will soon have to purchase new AP's and shift some customers around because I won't be able to purchase Turbocell-based devices. That's the word from Proxim. So...anyone heard any differently? I've also asked Proxim if we can 'downgrade' our Turbocell products to 802.11b and they are saying 'no'.

It's a you-know-what sandwich from which I'd rather not take a bite.

Does anyone feel my pain? Any way around these issues aside from replacing CPE?


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