Like the others that have spoken up here we use MT.  Butch does all of the work on it for us as I'm no router guy.  Great stuff.
The only problem is that there is basically no factory support.  And Butch has a real job too.  grin
I've been sending my consulting customers to mostly.  For about the same price that mt wants per MONTH for direct support you can get a full year of service.  And when we buy the units from them they come with hardware and software support, pre programmed and with the firewalls all set up and ready to go.  Great people, I've met a few of the guys from there eyeball to eyeball.
I LOVE my MT boxes and the gui is great.  The lack of support is a deal breaker for me though.  I'm stuck with them now but starting over I'd probably use something else.
If you have the pc's already laying around it's a far cheaper option though.  Even after paying the devil (Butch) his due to make it work right.  (just funnin with Butch here guys, he's THE man and should be charging more than he does, he's that good)
Hope that helps!
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Subject: [WISPA] P2P & Worm Monitoring/Alerting/Control

I'm at the point on my network now that I really need to control unnecessary bandwidth usage.  The biggest problem is the p2p users with their excessive upload, and worms come in a close second.
My network is comprised of a Cisco 3640, Cisco C4840G L3 switch for segmenting, and Dell 3324 managed switches.  I have run ntop in the past but I believe it only reports interactively through the web interface.  I wouldn't consider myself too far off from obtaining an SNMP station/software like SNMPc.
I'm needing to implement a solution that will monitor, alert on, and control this type of traffic.  Either not pass it or rate-limit it.  I'm interested in solutions that have been implemented, home-grown, tested, failed, etc.
Thanks in advance...
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