Good ideas. Partnering with a successful existing ISPCON would be great. I'm not close to Baltimore, so it would be my first choice. :-) I didn't know there was a WISP buying club. That would be a wonderful thing. Do you mean like Price Club or somesuch? Wow, now if they'd carry the end-user products and end-user's would be able to self-install... that would change the business numbers.

I did 'Telcom Means Business' for local small business people. Sucked the hell out of my time. Easily a few hundred hours of work. If the ISPCON folks would like a true partnership - i.e., they aren't making money off WISPA members, but rather increasing attendance and therefore value to vendors, well, that's a great idea. If the Conference is really geared to bring business to vendors, products to buyers, and help with the education process great. What pisses me off is that most shows became insanely profitable for the organizers, so vendors and attendees got gouged - and no one is going any longer. Ah, I love that the market rules. well, (except it doesn't for cable and telco monopolies.. :-)

Good ideas. I enjoy these discussions. I feel uncomfortable sometimes having them on an open public list though, since there are so many lizards on the 'net anymore. :-P

Peter R. wrote:

If you want a buying club, could I suggest that you organize with one of the existing ones?
Every time another one is set up in this industry, it dilutes the power.
It's a shame the groups can't all work together more, but that is what is. (I have tried to collaborate that effort and I have lost faith and interest - too much self-interest is built-in to each group; ego; and power hungry executives --> Just the things that help the Tele-Barons and MSOs keep us down.

To speak to meeting:
It is a 3 person job. (I just did one solo).
One handles the site and logistics.
One manages vendors and speakers.
One acquires attendees.
The one with vendors is the poor slob with the biggest headache!

If you want to do a combo meeting - like with ISPCON in Baltimore - you save on some logistics and get the benefit of a concentrated effort and marketing. (CISPA and WCA did this in Santa Clara).




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