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>You would think it would work that way, but Volume Buying ends up 
>the organization and the organization becomes caught up in being a 
>volume club.
>We all know that there's more to a WISP than just putting up an AP and
>getting a T1 line
>Having run both a WISP and a distribution company, I can personally 
>to the fact that there's more to distribution (which is what your 
>than breaking up a 500 pack amongst WISP
>Have you considered all the risks / implications that the buying group
>faces? For starters, there's the question of payment -- given that the
>buying group has no / limited credit, chances are that any vendor will
>require cash up front for the purchase
>So, for example, say Motorola Canopy is the product WISPA chooses
>Then WISPA / Buying Group needs to come up w/ $100k to purchase that 
>pack (at say, $200 / unit for simplicity's sake)
>Then, WISPA / Buying Group needs to come up w/ a warehouse to store 
>Then, WISPA / Buying Group needs to come up w/ a shipper/logistics guy 
>repackage / ship stuff
>On top of that, chances are, 50% of the WISPs who committed to 
>the packs will renege and/or delay their deliveries due to unforseen 
>that always happen in deployments (e.g.,  lightning, customers don't 
>on, interference from competitor, DSL coming to town)
>So now, WISPA / Buying Group needs to hire a sales guy to sell excess 
>Now, you've added overhead (and you need to add an administrative fee /
>margin to compensate)
>In the meantime, either
>1. Motorola to announce a 50% price reduction in their Canopy line, 
and all
>WISPA members now wanting the new lower price (therefore causing a huge
>2. Trango (or some other company) to come out w/ the new "flavor of the
>month" and no one wanting the inventory anymore, sticking WISPA w/ 
>worth of boat anchors
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