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I am sorry for this off-topic post but I need a favor. I need to know what e-commerce solution works best for an application where a company has several sales people/outlets and we need to track sales by each agent's referring web site. All transactions will go through one shopping cart and merchant account. Ideally we would like for the referring web address of the agent to automatically populate the agent identification data field of the sales report generated as each agent will have their own unique web address. I would like for agents to be able to see their sales via a web login database. Is this something that a merchant account will track for you? I would assume I would need to be able to track sales locally on the shopping cart end and be able to reference merchant account data to make sure it all balances. This will be my first e-commerce site and it is a big one. We need to track sales by agent for commissions. Can anyone help with this? I will gladly pay for consulting if this is complicated to setup. I just need help and have very little e-commerce background. Please send me your thoughts on this off list. I am sorry for off-topic post.
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