I would be interested in #1.
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I have found myself in need of some devices from time to time that I can't seem to buy at a reasonable price. 
Since I was laid up for a month and more, I began doing some research on developing things I needed.   Before I go into a bunch of work to try to finalize these... I'd like to know if anyone else is interested...
1.  IP addressable,  10/100 ethernet based voltage / charge / temperature / monitoring and/or switching device.  You could monitor batteries, solar panels, generator, start/stop things, etc.  Cost:  ~$200
2.  IP addressable, 10/100 ethernet based thermo-electric generator, fueled by propane, either remotely controlled, or operating on a programmable basis - to operate as a backup power supply in conjunction with 12 or 24V battery based DC systems.   Would provide battery monitoring, as well.
Approximate cost:  $2500 for a 75 watt 24V system.   Could be made in 20, 50, 100, or larger wattage sizes - cost rises considerable with power output.    This would serve as backup for a solar/wind or even for AC in conjunction with lead-acid batteries.
3.  "crash detect and reboot"  system.   This would connect via 10/100M ethernet to a network, ping a programmable IP (in fact, several of them) and be able to power cycle dc or ac powered equipment.   Programmable as to how many pings to miss, how long to power down, etc.    Cost:   ~$200. 
Each of these devices would be designed to operate on very minimal power and tolerate temperature extremes. 
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