The radios that Demarc and Deliberant sell (the b/g zinwell boards) use 48v power supplies. Call Tony at Demarc or Caleb at Deliberant. I bet either would sell you some. How many amp you need? How many power supplies do you need. I might have a few extra. (if they are a fit)


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Can anyone hook me up with a source for the 48 volt supplies? I need to buy some of those DS3 to Ethernet converters and they require that supply. I have never seen them before and need a source. Also, does anyone have a manual and/or drawings of the PCOM radios we are buying? I need to start reading up on these radios to make sure I know what all I need to get them installed. Please help if you have a source of information on them. If any of you have experience with the PCOMs and DS3 to Ethernet converters I would like to pick your brain on a few things.
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