Anyone see a reason not to support this proposal?

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At 11:41 AM 12/21/2005, Michael Marcus wrote:
If you check the FCC OET website, there is a
sleeper" there that may have a big impact on the whitespace proceeding:

Office of Engineering and Techology seeks comment on a Petition for Waiver of Part 74 of the Rules, filed by Nuclear Energy Institute and United Telcom Council.


Just in time for the holidays my former colleagues released this PN, perhaps hoping this group would miss it.

Comment Date: January 17, 2006
Reply Comment Date: January 30, 2006


Thanks for noticing this and bringing it up. I think we should file something which points out that this is more easily resolved in the context of the pending rulemaking in 04-186.

We must be careful, however, to make clear that we just looooove public safety and infrastructure and would never, ever, even for one minute think of getting in the way of valuable infrastructure services. But the approach proposed here is too narrow, and very limited. Imagine what greater utility could be obtained by adopting the proposal on 04-186 instead.

If anyone else has interest, feel free to contact me privately or on list.

And speaking of public safety, the FCC sent to Congress a mandatory report on use of spectrum by public safety.

As I don't think I ever saw the public notice, and wouldn't have had time to comment even if I had, I can't fault the FCC for ignoring the potential for unlicensed access to expand the capabilities of public spectrum rather than just tweaking the 700 MHz band. But this may raise an opportunity for a White Paper response suggesting that cognitive radios and greater access to unlicensed spectrum would provider superior benefits.


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