I use Waverider and have none of these problems. They have bandpass filters for 
the CCU end which keeps adjacent carriers from interfering. If it is "in 
channel" interference this will not help. 

If you use Waverider gear it also has the added advantage of giving you a very 
nice graphic spectrum analysis which will show you what channel you and the 
SCADA system are running on in perfect detail. 

If you happen to have an stand-alone spectrum analyzer it should give you this 
same data. Some SCADA systems can be setup to use different channel space and 
some do not. I do not know enough about your system there to answer that. I am 
guessing the spectrum analysis would tell you everything you need to know to 
fix the problem. 
Best of luck,

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>I have a water tower near one of my 900Mhz ap's that's causing me a lot of 
>interference due to the water company's SCADA stuff.  Does anyone know if the 
>devices they use have channel control in terms of switching channels within 
>900Mhz or are they all over the place all the time.  I have a sense the water 
>company might do some channel management with me, but I wanted to know if 
>their equipment had that capability before I made the enquiry.

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