What kind of work did they do in the forbearance issues?  

It's good to have some guns on our side into battles, In many trips to the
FCC I've heard the same thing,  We  -ISP's Wisp's etc,,, Don't show up
enough as the LEC's roam the halls of the FCC. Squeaky wheel gets the oil. 


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You guys haven't been going to enough conferences and listening to very
bright people like Kris Twomey try and explain such things to the (W)ISP
industry. Shame on that Michael Anderson for putting Kris up in front of an
audience to try to keep the WISP industry informed.

Thought I'd chime in and add my 2 cents

One thing that this WISP / ISP / Operator community lacks is a cohesive and
constant voice for wireless in DC (WISPA has done a great job, but guys like
Marlon, Rich, Jon and co still have day jobs and families to feed, and we
can't rely solely on their volunteer efforts)

I would like to take this opportunity to intrtoduce everyone to Michael
Hazzard, of Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice (WCSR).  WCSR has been quite
active in the CLEC / UNE-P / Forebearance battles, and although the outcome
of those battles may be a foregone conclusion by now, they are interested in
helping on the final front for independents (e.g., broadband wireless).
That said, we plan on collaborating together the next several months amongst
all affected communities (in this case, WISPs/ISPs are one organization we
are interested in working with, but we also plan on working with other types
of network operators, including CLECs, Rural Independents, Electrical Coops,
Munis, etc) to put together a unified cohesive "position" on wireless

We are currently working on some survey questions, and will probably be
contacting everyone shortly to ask some of these questions (so please don't
blacklist me =)


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