performance to their VOIP servers over our network. Think about it, do you 
think I'm going to allow the same performance to our competitive VOIP 
provider as I do to our own VOIP services? By getting us to be a Partner for

them, we'd optimize them for our own benefit, and indirectly Comm Parnters 
would guarantee that our network

Not that I'm trying to start anything...but this is pretty dangerous ground
to tread on
If you think about it, an argument can be made that preference of one's own
traffic (or depreffing competition traffic) is not that much different than

FCC fines telco for VoIP Port Blocking

SBC Says "Google should pay to use our network"

In a larger context, it may come down to a strategy of providing "big dumb
pipes" (like what the phone companies have done) or becoming end-to-end
connectivity/content companies (like what the cable-cos have done)


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