The only product on the market today that will have backwards
compatibility to 
wimax where a cpe can talk to a wimax base station is Aperto.
Alvarion will not be one of the first round products certified for
Airspan and Aperto however, will be. 



On Wed, 04 Jan 2006 15:22:30 -0600, "John Scrivner" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Is there a firmware upgrade path for WiMAX through the VL product line 
> or is it a hardware change? Feel free to have someone contact me offlist 
> for pricing information. I have a need for a PtMP system with more 
> capacity than I have now with my current system. I do not know of many 
> systems that meet the specs you list here and I already know many people 
> are quite fond of the product.
> Maybe this time the price won't drive me away as has been the case in 
> the past. Please do not take that as a slam. It is not. I know the 
> quality is there and it is a matter of economics for me only that has 
> ever kept me away from Alvarion products. You guys build good stuff and 
> in some markets the price is easily recovered through ROI.
> Thanks,
> Scriv
> Brad Larson wrote:
> >John, Typically 4 sector base stations are built with either 5.3 or a
> >licensed link as backhaul. With BreezeAccess VL, true data sector
> >performance is 28 meg's in a 20 Mhz channel and half that in 10 Mhz Next
> >firmware release is going to mid 30's in a 20 Mhz channel (again true data
> >rates). I know of one sector that has 200 sub's attached although most
> >sectors have less than 100. This customer looked at most manufacturer's gear
> >and concluded Alvarion had the management feature sets, ease of batch
> >processing for firmware uploads, obstructed NLOS for their application, and
> >a host of other likes including Alvarion's support infrastructure. 
> >
> >To be honest I don't think we have many Alvarion Operators that subscribe
> >here but that doesn't mean there aren't a crap load of them out there which
> >should be obviuos to everyone. Typically our Operators use Alvarion support
> >Application Engineers and Alvarion web servers such as Mike Cowan's at ACC
> >when needed. 
> >
> >This could end up being a long dialog about the differences in operators,
> >products, and ROI models but I won't go there. Brad
> >
> >
> >
> >  
> >
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