If you have already committed to that idea, then I can't really persuade you. With the exception of Canopy and some of the other specialized gear, just about everything else is 802.11 based in one way or another. Karlnet/Terabeam, Trango and even the Alvarion VL is based on 802.11 chipsets with a fancy MAC in front of it. FWIW, I know of quite a few people who have had better luck with Tranzeo 5.8 and StarOS units for backhauls and ptmp compared to non-802.11 systems like Canopy. Higher speeds and more flexibility when dealing with interference. But if that doesn't meet your parameters, then that is your prerogative.

Matt Larsen

Matt Liotta wrote:

The Tranzeo radios at least are 802.11, which we refuse to use for fixed wireless.


Matt Larsen - Lists wrote:


I've talked to quite a few people who are looking at Tranzeo CPE/StarOS APs for 5.3/5.8Ghz multipoint deployments and have had good luck myself so far. The combination of StarOS AP units and Tranzeo CPE units seems to work fairly well. Within a 5 mile radius, you will probably be able to maintain 15-20meg of throughput and 40-50 subs per sector depending on the size of the pipes that you deliver to the customers. StarOS can handle batch firmware uploads, routing at the AP, bandwidth control at the AP, vlan tagging, OSFP/RIP routing, DNS at the AP, QOS and packet shaping for VOIP and other traffic and it also has great troubleshooting information along with hooks into several of the open source monitoring and traffic graphing systems. Another plus is that it will run on several hardware combinations, so you can choose the type of radio/sbc platform that best suits your needs. The Tranzeo CPE units are inexpensive ($225-$300), easy to install and work great with StarOS. If you go with an all StarOS system, my understanding is that the new version (v3) will also have the ability to use 5mhz, 10mhz and 20mhz channels and will be ready for 5.4Ghz with no need for additional hardware changes. It also works in the 4.9Ghz public safety spectrum. We provide the backhaul for several video feeds for the local law enforcement on 4.9 - works great.
I think that is a combination worth considering.

Matt Larsen

Brad Larson wrote:

Matt, How much capacity do you need per 5.8 Ghz sector? Is this a business or residential rollout or both? How many subscribers per sector do you want to support? How large do you want to scale this network and is managment, batch firmware loads for radio updates, vlan tagging, voip support important
to you? Brad

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We are looking to start deploying 5.8Ghz multi-point radios at some of our sites. I am hoping some folks on this list can share experiences and ideas on what radios might meet our needs. We have experimented with Canopy and Trango, but would really like some better choices. From a specification standpoint, Canopy general meets our needs, but we don't like being constrained on the antenna. We would like to use sectors bigger than 60 degrees and we would like to use horizontal polarization. We don't want to use Trango for no other reason than they can't work with distributors. We really like the flexibility on many 802.11a-based radios and certainly the price, but the contention aspects of the protocol and the perception of Wi-Fi being a consumer grade technology stop us from going that route.

Any thoughts from the list?


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