Regarding Avcom

The Avcom units require extra "modules" to go beyond 2.4
On a tower, trying to plug-in something else is kind of a hassle

>From an ease of use perspective, I would recommend that you find a "1 piece"
spectrum analyzer...that covers all the bands
You'll appreciate it when you're hanging off the me =)


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On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, Jenco Wireless wrote:

>Wow.  For the rental price on some of those you can buy one from
>BVS Systems.  I rented one (I can't remember the name but it was an 
>expensive unit) for $250 per week from Wave Rider.  If I remember 
>right (it has been a while), it at least covered 900 and 2.4.  You 
>should probably have some antennas of your own ready to go for 
>testing when you get the unit.  It is a big and expensive unit, so 
>don't plan on carrying it up a tower !

You could, also, talk to Marlon.  He has one for rent, or used to. 
Also, if you are looking to buy, he is able to sell you one through 
Electrocom.  The Avcom units are pretty useful, and easy to use. 
The one that I have is built for 2.4GHz only, but they have adapters 
to add 600-1000MHz and 5-6 GHz.  These are VERY lightweight units. 
I have carried mine up a tower with very little effort.  Marlon's 
rental SA is NOT lightweight at all.  :-)

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