I don't feel comfortable discussing the details on a public list.


Matt Larsen - Lists wrote:

OK, here is the $1million dollar question...what have you done to make your VOIP service 911 compliant?
Are you comfortable with your level of legal exposure?

How much did it cost and what is the best way to handle it?

Inquiring minds....

Matt Larsen

Matt Liotta wrote:

Matt Larsen - Lists wrote:

The requirement is there but has yet to be proven by law, or enforced. I intend to keep my voip ventures separate from my regular ISP business. If the 911 requirement for voip is proven by law, then I can either work to make it compliant according to the established legal history, sell the customers to another voip provider or shut it down.

Make sure you have help from legal counsel as ventures that only appear to be separate can easily be treated as one legally.

FWIW, there is a requirement for cell companies for several years to provide location information to e911 centers. Guess what, a majority of the cellular carriers can't or don't provide that location information. They have gotten exemptions over and over. That didn't stop them from selling service and building out markets. This is the same sort of situation. The public wants VOIP, and they are going to get it. The 911 details will get worked out over time and a few court cases.

They have indeed gotten exceptions, but the real question is have you? Until you get an exception you are in an exceedingly risky situation.


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